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  About Membership

Age Qualification

Any Gujarati whether male or female who is of eighteen year old or more shall be the member of Samaj.

NOTE: The world "Gujarati" in means the resident of Katch. Kathiawad and Gujarat and includes all Gujarati speaking men and women residing outside Gujarat or the family whose Kul Devata, Kul Devi are in Gujarat.


Type of membership

Patron: Any person who give Rs. 51,000/- only and one more at a time shall treated as Patron. However, the General Body of the Samaj can nominate any member, more than 60 years in are and with a minimum of 15 years as life member of the samaj as Patron.

Life Member: Any person who give Rs. 1,500/- only and One at a time shall be treated as a Life Member.

Annual Member: Any person who give Rs. 251/- only shall be treated as a yearly Member. However such membership will end on its own at the expiry of the year and such member will be entitled to vote in the ensuring general elections of the samaj.

Student Member: Any Gujarati Student who give Rs. 51/- only shall be treated as a Student Member. However, such membership will end on its own at the expiry of the year and such member will not be entitled to vote in ensuring general election of the Samaj. Age restriction as mentioned above, will ordinarily not be applicable in the case of student member.

Division of family: A family for the purpose of membership of Samaj will include the Member himself, his wife, dependent and unmarried children and dependent parents. It is obligatory to obtain separate membership for married children.

The Salary paid person of the Samaj Office can be the member but can not contest the election as a candidate in any Committee or sub-committee of the Samaj.


Rights of Members

The Right of the members of every division of Samaj shall be equal and shall have a right to give one vote in person in General Meeting.

If necessary, the vote of election shall be by the method of Ballot system. In other subjects; the vote shall be by hand counting or according to the desire of the president of the meeting or by the demand of the ELEVEN members who are present; by the ballot system.

Only member who are present shall have a right to vote. There shall be no right to vote or to be present in the meeting by the method of proxy.

Those annual member who have paid their membership subscription by Gujarati New Year (Second Day of Deepawali), will have the power to vote in the ensuing elections of the Samaj. However, this limitation will not be applicable for Life Member and Patrons.


When Membership Terminates

Any member can terminate his membership by tendering the registration in writing.

If the conduct of any member of the Samaj is contrary to objects and well being of the Samaj or the presence of any member or his membership in Samaj nuisance to the well beings of Samaj then the "General Meetings" by the majority of the members present in that meeting can force such member to tender their registrations and if such member does not tender the registration; can be expelled from the membership of the Samaj. If any proposal id put in the General Meeting of the Samaj for expelling any member, then opportunity should be given to such member for clearing the doubt before General Meeting. The member expelled under this sub-section wants to be the member again, then this decision shall be done only by the General Meeting held after that.

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