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Shree Gujarati Samaaj, Bhopal
Shree Gujarati Samaaj, Bhopal
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  About Shree Gujarati Samaaj

The Shree Gujarati Samaj Bhopal is a non-profit organization established in year 1958 registered under the
M. P. Firms and Societies Registration Act.


Mission Statement

It is a organization that allows all gujarati citizens of Bhopal to network and mingle at social gatherings and online for the primary purpose of unity.

It is to organize social events for all Gujarati's within the local community and to promote inter-cultural activities and festive celebrations added with to fulfill other allied objectives.



The following are the object of the institution:

To establish and promote the Bal Mandir; School or Schools for the education of Gujarati student; and for the development the institute like "GUJARATI SAHITYA SABHA" and in case of need to manage for adult education.

To establish and promote the "GUEST HOUSE" for the Gujarati People.

To establish and promote the Library and Reading room for the Gujarati People.

To establish and promote the institution like Banking and Housing Societies for the Social economical development of Gujarati People.

To establish and promote Vyayamshala for the physical development of Gujarati People and their children to supply ancient and modern instrument for games and also to establish and promote the institution like "CLUB" for their recreation.

To take necessary step for promotion co-operation brotherhood amongst Gujarati People residing in Bhopal and for mutual help; and also to take necessary step for their mental, physical, moral and social development.

To promote co-operation and brotherhood with the other institution of the city and public for good of social and cultural work; and for that purpose to promote public educational institutions.

To collect fund for giving scholarship to Gujarati students and to give loan, fee, books etc. for the deserving students.

To purchase and build necessary buildings and land for fulfillment of the objects.

To accept gifts; "Bo i"and Laya and trust fund etc. according to the objects and purposes and conditions and to utilize the same accordingly.

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